smoke vicodin on foil

Answer . I would say no. I've heard of people smoking a lot of different things, but I have never heard of smoking Vicodin. Also, it's loaded with Tylenol, so I can't .

Patrick K. Kroupa and a Blog. I have set up a temporary email address so that I can get the answers to two questions. Where is Patrick? I have lost touch with Patrick .

Can you smoke Vicodin off of tin foil? ChaCha Answer: No references of Naproxen being smokable for a high off of tin foil, sorry. Cha.

I have 2 5mg vic and smoke vicodin on foil im figuring on chuting one then smoking the other the same way one would smoke heroin (tinfoil/empty pen). Has anyone ever done this and are .

Hi i am a oxycodone user of 8 months about 60 mg aday ive decided to quit without help i cannot tell my family and i dont have medical benifits i i quit cold tu.

Can i smoke Xanax on tin foil? ChaCha Answer: I am sure anything including Xanax can be smoked by using tin foil, but it smoke vicodin on foil is very dang.

I have been reading your posts and I see a lot of people who have been clean for a couple days or even a couple months, but I havent seen any posts about those o.

Best Answer: Smoking it or snorting it would be a VERY bad idea. Not only could it cause you to have respiratory distress, it could kill you. Vicodin contains tylenol .

You can smoke vicodin, but it is smoke vicodin on foil very dangerous and you will not get much effect from it. It can burn your lungs and throat and cause perme. view more.

Best Answer: weed? ive done it but smoking with the foil is really not good for you.. and when you do the foil gets very hot. i mean its ok for a
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